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Welcome to Anwell's news platform. With our ongoing efforts to boost communication with our valued stakeholders, we are pleased to bring you a variety of news and latest information about Anwell, our people and our solutions from time to time.
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  5/14/2013   First Quarter Results Financial Statement And Related Announcement
  2/26/2013   Anwell reverses FY2011 operating loss with HK$12.3 million of operating profit in FY201...
  2/26/2013   Full Year Results Financial Statement For the Financial Period Ended: 31-12-2012
  11/14/2012   Unaudited Third Quarter Financial Statement Announcement
  11/14/2012   Anwell continues to build momentum and drives revenue growth of 3.9% yoy to HK$470.8 mi...
  8/14/2012   Unaudited Second Quarter Financial Statement Announcement
  8/14/2012   Anwell rebounds with HK$24.4 million in profit from operations
  5/10/2012   Unaudited First Quarter Financial Statement Announcement
  5/10/2012   Anwell posts 28.0% increase in 1Q2012 revenue to HK$314.8m
  2/23/2012   Anwell's FY2011 revenue soars 36.7% to record HK$1.4 billion as solar division continue...
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