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Anwell is a global supplier of advanced manufacturing equipment and process technologies. Founded in 2000 with its head office in Hong Kong, Anwell was first established in optical media equipment industry riding along the strong expansion of the blank optical disc market. With the strong expertise in process R&D, Anwell has established itself initially as a leading supplier of optical media equipment.
Being an expert in automation system and process engineering with its core technologies of thin-film and vacuum coating, Anwell extends its strength over the global Photovoltaic industry and OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) industry. We understand that manufacturing solution is a perfect compound of hardware and process. There is no short-cut to success. We believe only in persistent R&D and process engineering that can lead us to the best solutions. We are committed to providing world class manufacturing equipment to hi-tech industrial sector to generate maximum return for each of our customers.
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